Human Performance

RR+R Performance Programs build on the technical skill base, develop the human factors skills and then facilitate environments where participants can experience all of the normal stimuli they would expect to encounter when performing their role in real life.

RR+R has been developing individuals and teams in high risk environments for over 15 years. The work has focused on performance in frontline high risk, time poor environments – when actions are crucial.

Facilitating development in these circumstances has allowed RR+R to develop high level skills in creating close-to-reality training environments combined with powerful human skill techniques to cause performance increases.

A diverse corporate and emergency response client base includes many mining organisations, CSIRO (support of NASA), Lend Lease (Barangaroo foreshore development site), Perisher (Perisher Professional Ski Patrol), Bridgeworks Alliance (Sydney Harbour Bridge), Australian Defence Force Special Operations Group, training companies & an extensive list of industrial & emergency response clients.

Leadership Programs
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